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Chicago Store brings you a complete selection of officially licensed, professional sports merchandise from your favorite Chicago teams.  When making your purchases through Chicago Store, you are getting high-quality, "Official" goods and services.

The benefits from buying officially licensed goods and services are not exclusive to professional sports merchandise.  Did you know that buying officially licensed  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) merchandise helps support college students?

When purchasing officially licensed NCAA merchandise, that purchase is going to a good place: supporting student scholarships and student programming.  A portion of those dollars go back to college and university communities.

Officially licensed products and services have generated millions of dollars in academic funding.  Meanwhile, purchasing NCAA gear from unlicensed vendors actually hurts colleges and universities by giving money to entities that have no vested interest in the success of students.  It is easy to succumb to social media ads; but make no mistake, officially licensed products are not only the highest quality, but they also help make a difference.

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